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Mental Health Solution for your Employees

Mental health has a major influence on employee productivity in the workplace. Having mental support in a workplace can improve the performances of employees

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Anak Sedang Siap Siap Berangkat Sekolah


of your employee may be experiencing medium to heavy depression 


of your employee may be experiencing medium to heavy anxiety


of your employee may be experiencing medium to high  stress

Mental problems that are not handled  decreases up to 35% productivity

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Choose Mental Health Services For Your Company

To maximize performance and the well-being of your employees

👑 Premium App Access

  • Unlimited access to Teduh mobile app, including self-help curated by Psychologist, all Teduh tracks, and mood tracker

per employee/month

💙 Teleconseling Package

  • 15% or 100% telecounseling discount for all employees per month

  • Company decides the service and teleconsult medium


per employee/month

🎤 Seminar by Our Practitioners

Rp1 to 2mio
per session

📈 Comp. Mental Health Analysis

Rp1mio (report included)

🎤📈 Seminar + Comp. Analysis

  • Company's needs and mental health analysis

  • An intervention in a month (seminar, webinar, team bonding, etc.) based on the analysis

  • Pre and post intervention report


Customize packages and simulate prices based on your company's needs

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How does it work?

All activities of employees are strictly private, companies will not have access to them without permission.

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Company will purchase Teduh for Business Plan and provide a list of employee emails

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Employees are to install Teduh app and log into their respective accounts.

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Employees will gain access to Teduh app features depending on the package plan purchased by the company.

Izzatika, M., Syakurah, R. A., & Bonita, I. (2021). Indonesia's mental health status during the Covid-19 pandemic. Indigenous: Jurnal Ilmiah Psikologi, 6(2), 78-92.)

Diamantidis, A. D., & Chatzoglou, P. (2018). Factors affecting employee performance: an empirical approach. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management.



Striving to solve Indonesia's Mental Health Crisis

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