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Mood Tracker & Journal

Teduh provides features to track your mood and log journals for you to be trained in being aware and properly caring for your mental health. According to research, tracking your mood and keeping a journal allows you to have a better grasp at controlling your emotions and clear your mind.

Mock Up Mood Tracker Teduh

Monthly Mood Stats Report

You will receive statistical reports on your mood for a month and can refer back to your reflections on previous days.

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Bagaimana Perasaanmu Hari Ini
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Reflect on Your Everyday Life

Journaling when faced with a problem allows you to analyze the problem, view it from a new perspective, and synthesize adequate possible solutions.

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Recommended Contents

You will be recommended curated contents in the app to improve your mood based on the results of your mood tracking.

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Daily Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals are often integrated into psychotherapy because they benefit your mental health. Use the mood tracker & journaling to write down events that happened throughout the day.

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Calendar Mood Tracker Teduh
Bar Percentage Mood Tracker
Dotted Graphic Mood Tracker
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