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Self-Help Session

Teduh self-help sessions consist of materials and activities curated by psychologists to aid with your day-to-day mental health challenges. Our self-help sessions currently address a diverse scope of mental health challenges such as such as stress, insecurity, procrastination, loneliness, etc,with many more to come!


You will not only  be learning, but also do hands-on activities. You will learn how to recognize problems, plan solutions, and how to improve your mental health.

Credibility of Content

Self-help sessions are carefully crafted by mental health practitioners based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychological research, guaranteeing credibility and effectiveness.


92% of Teduh self-help users feel an improvement in their ability to face day-to-day mental health challenges after completing at least one self-help topic. 

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92% people 

Experience mental health improvements after using Teduh's self-help feature for a week. 

*measured by quasi-experiments and the Beck Depression Inventory Scale 



Offering two pricing plans:

Rp 16.000/month

Annually - billed at Rp 192.000/year

Rp 30.000/month


 Starting from as low as Rp16.000 per month (for an annual subscription), you can get access to a wide range of self-help sessions, enjoy full access to all Teduh meditation tracks, while also receiving access to exclusive features such as daily mood tracking and personalized reports.

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