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Mental Health Service Providers Who Care for Their Practitioners

Teduh is a platform that provides various mental health resources for Indonesian people, including online counseling. We have a system with various features that make it easier for psychologists and counselors to conduct their counseling sessions with clients.

Sedang Berdiskusi Tentang Kesehatan Mental

Just sit down 

We will help you connect with potential clients from Teduh's application users. The rest of the administration of your counseling session will be handled by us.

Set your own schedule 

You can create a flexible counseling schedule, including weekends or evenings.

Icon Couple

Clients per day

Icon Calendar

Repeat the schedule every week

Icon Time

Choose a daily time slot

Dashboard Pemesanan Psikolog Online
Tampilan Pemesanan Konseling di Teduh
Everything is regulated by the system

You don't have to bother thinking about administration or counseling media. We have prepared session bookings by clients and tele-counseling media. You just have to click.

Icon Orang Sedang Berbicara

Session booking 

Icon Telephone Berwarna Merah

Counseling media 

Icon Uang atau Money


Your contact privacy is maintained

All your interactions with clients are mediated by the platform. Therefore, your personal contact will not be passed on to the client so it will not be misused.

Icon Smartphone

Phone number will be guarded

Icon Email Warna Putih

Email address will be guarded 

Icon Bubble Chat

Chat without worries 

Tampilan Untuk Memesan Psikolog
Tampilan Sesi Konseling Online
Our counseling record database

Every client record is stored online and integrated with the client's account. The screen display during the counseling session will also make it easier for you to take notes while intervening.

Icon Notes Warna Putih

Records and storage space

Icon Save Files Warna Hitam

Automatic save

Icon Alphabet Warna Biru

Filters feature

Reach out to more clients

You reach a wider range of potential clients with our marketing and campaigns.

Icon Smart TV Warna Hitam

Free online webinar 

Icon People Holding Hands

Active community 

Icon Campus Ambassador

Campus ambassador

Tampilan Transaksi Konseling Online
Icon Admin Konseling Online
Interested in joining?
You are required to have:
  • An active Psychologist Practice Permit from Himpsi

  • Laptop or Computer

  • Stable internet connection

  • Gmail Account

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